Copyright refers to the legal right of the owner of intellectual property.

Lighthouse Books believes that protecting intellectual property is the responsibility of all parties involved in the publishing process. It also believes that violating this intellectual property is a crime punishable by law in all countries of the world, and infringement of intellectual property requires legal, financial, and judicial fines for the party who caused the violation.

Intellectual property is the product of human thought, and creations of the human mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and innovations used in the field of commerce, including symbols, names, and images.”

Lighthouse Books tends to publish authors’ articles, and papers into book chapters under the Creative Commons license. The CC license is one of several generic copyright licenses that allow free distribution of copyrighted “work.” A CC license is used when the author wants to give others the right to share, use, and build on a work the author has created.


During our communication with authors to publish their articles, and papers into book chapters, we have ensured that all published articles fall under the Creative Commons license, and therefore, authors have the full right to publish their articles into book chapters. We have also assured that all the journals through which these papers were published grant the author of the article the full rights to publish, distribute and use it in different ways and that the author retains unrestricted copyrights and publishing rights.

Despite the above, and as Alexander Pope, poet of the Enlightenment once said: To Err is Human.  We may inadvertently communicate with a journal that has changed its publishing licenses or has changed its agreements in force with the author/authors of the article.

For this reason, we firmly request authors ensure that they have the full right to republish their article and that they have unrestricted publishing rights to the published article.  If the author of the article has any doubts about the access and publication permissions of his/her article or the rights he/she has to publish the article, we ask them to contact the original publisher immediately.

In the event that a publisher/journal editor notices that there is any error regarding our publication of any article outside the permissible framework of copyrights, please inform us and we will withdraw the published book chapter immediately. Lighthouse Book will NEVER allow any infringement of intellectual property rights to occur, and it cannot do such an act in any way or take any part, or action that could be seen as an infringement of intellectual property rights.